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Price analysis of children outdoor no powerful play equipment

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Price analysis of children outdoor no powerful play equipment

Nowadays, people's live concepts have changed very large, and the domestic Wen travel tour project is also rapidly expanding, because there is no powerful rides, which makes it players in various scenic spots, camps, parks, business districts and other places very Important role.

Simply speaking, an inwent-in-life ride is a device that does not require any electricity and energy-driven effects, such as roller coins, pirate ships these equipment that require external force to drive. Inmovable amusement equipment allows children to reduce the degree of dependence on electronics, let children explore new capabilities in the experience and learning of the game, and get the improvement of the integrated capacity.

The advantages of the inlet of the inlet outdoor rides are mainly reflected in energy conservation, initiative entertainment and passive entertainment, and can be placed very strong.

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Energy Saving is mainly reflected in except for their own labor costs, and most of them need energy, compared to such an inlet, slide, swing, etc., can save greater. Cost because they need only the participant's personal energy driver.

Active entertainment and active entertainment distinction: Active entertainment and active entertainment will form a difference in frequency of use, and the moving outdoor playground can provide easy to play from morning tours, but a large outdoor playground. The number of years of play should be counted as a high frequency.

Plasticity: plasticity is the change in shape by shaping a different material. As the site is different, the difference in theme concept has created a variety of fun and interesting activity amusement equipment. At the same time, it can be implanted to different venue space, such as the mountains, in the water, in the forest, the children are more close to nature, these are unable to meet the artificial environmental playgrounds.

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Investment Outdoor Universal Children's Amusement ParkWhat is the funding required? This is mainly to see your own main requirements. If the venue is relatively large, the investment can be more, if the venue is small, then the cost of investment can be less. A small 200-square-meter outdoor children's playground cost is more than 800,000 yuan, but the overall cost of procurement will have differences for different roller facilities.

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