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Process processing flow and characteristics of children's naughty castle and combined slides

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Process processing flow and characteristics of children's naughty castle and combined slides

First, the products produced by the company are standardized production, and they are assembled according to customer needs. These accessories can be divided into the following categories based on materials and applications:

1. Steel structural parts (all of the fittings of the fittings)

2, thin plate parts (standing platform accessories)

3, plastic parts (roll plastic parts, injection molding parts, blow molding parts,)

4, wooden parts, rope parts

5, die-cast aluminum parts (fittings and fasteners between fittings)

6, stainless steel standard parts (bolts, screws, gaskets and other fasteners)

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Second, process processing flow and characteristics

1, steel structure

The steel sections are hot-dip galvanized materials, and the surface zinc layer content is 160K / m. The thickness of the pipe is 2.2mm. Effectively prevent the product from within the use of the external corrosion, improve the product use period, some products are in the soldering zinc The layer is destroyed, and our products apply zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings on the surface of the weld before spraying, ensuring that the zinc layer will not lose. We soldered more than 90% of the robot welding, the tolerance was 0.1mm, and the welding strength was tested according to the standard test of adults, ensuring that the product installation was simple and fast, and the product was safe.

Process: By drawings - Bend - Check - Arc - Padding - Pre-treatment (polishing, anti-corrosion) - Heating - Spray - Dry - Cooling - Check - Packaging - Introduction - Outlet, 16 links.

2, thin plate

All 2.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate, surface flat, bottom welding support, to ensure the weight of 1000kg, in order to safe and improve product life, we use automatic punching in the surface of the product with automatic punching and falling water, diameter of 8 mm. Surface treatment techniques have two treatment methods of spraying and coating, the thickness of the spray surface is 0.6mm, the coated is 4mm (material PVC)

Process: Drawings - Check - Feet - Hefront - Flash - Folding - Folding - Welding - Pre-Processing (Polishing) - Heating - Spray (Plastic) - Check - Packaging - Introduction - Outbound . 14 links.

3, plastic parts

All of the food grade raw materials are produced, and the production process is eliminated in the production process, ensuring safety and non-toxic, all of our production of plastic parts can be processed by CNC machining center, ensuring that the plastic parts do not have a protrusion, preventing children's skin from being injured during use. For safety and service life, our thickness of our plastic parts is around 5mm, and evenly, the hole position of the important connection site is completed in the mold, no need to process, improve the installation efficacy and safety standards.

Process: Working - Delta - Adding - Heating - Cooling - Opening - Setting - Demide - Check - Packaging - Intrinsic - Outlet. 13 links.

Indoor Children's Paradise + Children's Naughty Fort + Indoor Amusement

4, wooden parts and rope parts

Wooden parts are divided into log supplies, which use non-toxic raw materials, and products are produced by international standards (including drying, etc.). Both the rope products use a marine cable with 6 steel wire ropes, with 20 tons.

5, die-cast aluminum parts

Standard according to German standards, die-casting raw materials brand A-S7G and A-S13, product surface lead content reached the EU standard, product safety is firm.

6, stainless steel

All stainless steel standard parts are made of 304, smooth surface, no more than international standards, and prevent the occurrence of safety collision accidents.

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