Recommend this 99% of children will like outdoor new equipment: large combination slides

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Recommend this 99% of children will like outdoor new equipment: large combination slides

The current development of outdoor play projects is very rapid, and the children's market has also put forward new innovation concepts, and now the most popular ride is now new amusement equipment outside of the traditional amusement equipment. Today, Xiaobian will recommend this 99% of children like outdoor new portfolios. This is presented in an outdoor place in a manner in which a plurality of individual gameplay projects is made, and many children are happy. Many children's slide project merchants will also choose such a combination of products, on the one hand, because the function of the slide is more, the adaptation people are relatively wide, and there is more opportunities for the market.

This article contains the following

1. Why do you choose a combination slide?

2. Combination slides and take care of indoor and outdoor places

3. Combined slides with strong inclusive

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First, why everyone will choose a combination slide

Large playground is now a new concept play in the market, which is a combination of a system of recreational space, where you can not only appreciate the good slides fun, but also to show other games are played rock climbing, climbing and so on. As long as the child is able to play a contact of things can be added to the system by which the whole combination of amusement. In this way, little children you can have more fun in this, because the kids here have more choice, every play has a different experience.

Second, both indoor and outdoor playground

Now a large playground is not only diverse styles, can adapt to the scene is very large, it is not only confined to the nursery and outdoor park. Even at the mall or community can see this type of slide. Playground to attract more passengers, in addition to customer satisfaction will increase even more. As long as the place where the child appears, you can basically see this large-scale combination of slides, although the playground area is relatively large, but also can be customized according to the size of the size of different places, the same can bring the kids fun.

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Third, inclusive playground strong

Now the project is very much on the market, including the current slide innovative received a lot of attention. But I want to makeCombined play equipmentCan live a long time, also we need to strengthen inclusive and accommodating of the interior of the slide, you can add other rides appropriate elements in the interior of the slide configuration. Combination of slides can be changed at any time, but to do so that children love.

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