Small joy square amusement equipment - Happy Spreaders

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Small joy square amusement equipment - Happy Spreaders

At present, there are many new amusement equipment, rail type play equipment, spurt type play equipment, sand pool play equipment, etc., but this large outdoor play equipment leads to many investors in their hearts, Dare to invest too much money. Today, Xiaobian will be introduced for everyone. It is a kind of play equipment that is small to get rich square type. The management is very low, it is a good choice for newcomers and small investors!

This article contains the following:

1. Introduction to the festive speicket equipment

2. Happy ball car equipment price

3. Happy Ball Factory Choose

Small engineer Figure 3

one,Festive ball car equipmentintroduce

The spherical vehicle equipment will come cycle at the same time, and the background music with a stroke is played with the children, and this time will stimulate the interest of the children and explore the desire. The way to spray the mission is a single play mode of the general type of orbit. At that moment in many small balls, I have exercised both the children's eye-catching skills. At that moment, the ball is going to your own moments, adults, and children will not be happy.

Second, the festive passer price

The footprint of the festive spherical car equipment is usually 6x6 meters, and it can accommodate 12 children to play together, and the height is 3 meters. Such equipment is actually a very good play item in the indoor or outdoor, but the 36 square meters of footprint is equivalent to a small inflatable naughty castle project, so the amount of gold is also relatively large. The price of a happy spherical car is sold in the entire set, but some manufacturers are selling square meters, one square meter is about 600 yuan, and the integration of a happy spoiler is 2W.

Small engineer Figure 4

Third, happy spherotous passenger manufacturers choose

A good play equipment can attract more children's attention, and pay more attention to the corresponding benefits will definitely be higher. But the premise is to choose a manufacturer of producing high-quality high-quality modeling products, here to recommend music map children's play. This is a integrated manufacturer focused on its own product development, production, direct supply, quality security, reliable, affordable, is a monologist of many investors.

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