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Stainless steel slide advantages

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Stainless steel slide advantages

In recent years, stainless steel slides have been enthusiastically sought after by our customers. As a high-end play equipment, the emergence of stainless steel slides not only greatly improves the grade of the community, but also enriches the amateur life of the residents of the community. Stainless steel slides have gradually replaced the fitness equipment to become a community, and the major shopping malls are also equipped with slides, and they also reach the purpose of drainage.

This article contains the following points:

1, the shape of the shape

2, the material is indestructible

3, the process excellence

4, casual match

Stainless steel slide main map - 12

First, the shape is in the heart

Some of the usual play equipment is usually a relatively dead plate. The design is like a sample. It is not possible to introduce, and the same is small. Stainless steel slides According to the customer's requirements, the right solution is developed at the site. Types of slides include: tablet slides, semi-bucket slides, full bucket slides, translucent slides. High-altitude crossing twist rotating slides and model slides, the most important thing is to attach these slides to other play equipment.

Second, the material is indestructible

Stainless steel slides use 304 stainless steel steel sheets for basic materials, with a thickness of 3 mm to 4 mm, and a general spiral slide only uses 4 mm thick 304 steel sheets. After the experience-rich argon arc welding technicians, grinding removal of surface burrs and welding traces, then grinding the wire, making the stainless steel surface more distinguished atmosphere and heavy feeling, relative to some of the traditional play equipment, stainless steel Slide has an advantage in materials and processes.

Stainless steel slide main map - 11

Third, the process excellence

Stainless steel slides seem to be particularly thrilling, in fact, from the beginning of the design, have been controlled with sliding speed, stimulating and safe coexisting. The slide welded portion uses fish scale welding techniques in argon arc welding, prevent oxidation and absorption of harmless gases, forming a tight weld joint, and its mechanical properties are very good. Then, after the careful polishing and polishing wire, the overall structure of the appearance is very strong. In addition, our pull beams and columns use 114mm304 stainless steel tubes and 48mm, 60mm such as stainless steel tubes, and no shake.

Fourth, free to match

First, the stainless steel slide is not high on the installation site, so that it can be installed on flat ground, or according to the ramp construction, it can also be mounted on the shelf. Second, some slides installed on the slide are a row-type link, which is very convenient. Some slides are integrally welded, but also simply fixed and weld.

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