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Talking about the investment cost budget of indoor children's playground

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Talking about the investment cost budget of indoor children's playground

There are many investment friends recently asking me, how much is the budget cost of investing in an indoor children's paradise? For this problem, I really have to answer how much you need it directly, because the type of playground is actually very much, if you don't have been investigation, you can't know how to fit you, how do I dare to place the price? ? But since there are so many friends in consulting, I will make a simple analysis on this issue, giving a budget cost of friends who want to invest in children's playground.

This article contains the following

1 investment cost

2 equipment investment cost

3 Operation management fees

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IndoorThe main investment expenses of the children's playground include three aspects: venue investment costs, equipment investment costs, and operation management fees.

First, venue investment cost

Site investment costs include venue rent, venue decoration, etc.

Site rent is not simple, including rent, which is our common contract rental. In fact, it is necessary to calculate the property fees, parking fees, etc., such as each month, including value-added tax, public stall area, etc. Ability to calculate a comprehensive child has a venue rent. Through my statistics, the venue rent is generally20-200 yuan / square meter / month, many large shopping malls are more expensive, which is considered by themselves.

Site decoration is a relatively complex project, with decorative projects, water supply and drainage projects, fire engineering, etc., but some projects can be changed or canceled according to actual needs. Xiaobian will give a simple decoration, floor laying floor, wall scratch, ceiling paint, etc., this budget price is relatively low, probably30-50 yuan / square meter.

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Second, equipment investment costs

Equipment investment costs also need to be subdivided, hardware equipment, and software equipment.

Hardware devices include monitoring systems, cash register systems, maintenance systems, etc. The price of type devices is based on the quality of each product.

Software devices include naughty castle, million balls, sand ponds, and Zhi Yong and great relations, these are based on site custom design, and the investment budget is determined according to the stereoscopic space of the site. The general investment budget can follow500-1500 yuan / square meter price is budget.

Third, the operation management fee

The management fee of the indoor children's paradise has the import fee before the park is officially opened. The costs obtained by various documents, according to my experience, the main cost is spent in the fire and cultural system; the previous marketing costs, such as the customization of office supplies, customization,IP image customization, etc., do different sales channels.

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