The difference between indoor and outdoor water park

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The difference between indoor and outdoor water park

The emergence of indoor water park fills the demand for spring and autumn, or even winter, a large number of urban agglomerates. With the continuous improvement of the water park equipment manufacturing technology, small and medium-sized water park projects, the general cycle can be completed within 5 months, large water park project cycle It can be completed around 1 year, large indoor water park, such as hot spring spa, swimming pool, wavy tank, indoor skateboard and other projects. Indoor water park is more diverse, attracting tourists.

What is the difference between large indoor water park and large outdoor water park?

1,water parkDifference of device selection

2. Construction cycle

3, cost

4, not affected by weather

5, targeted

6, different business hours

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First, the difference between the selection of water park equipment

Large indoor water parks and outdoor water parks in the construction process, the choice of water park equipment will be different, and the indoor water park is limited by the size and size of the building. It generally does not choose large water park equipment, otherwise the construction cost is high. The indoor water park is generally small, and the outdoor water park is not limited by the construction space. The cost of civil building is relatively small, large, usually there are large water rides.

Second, the construction cycle

As mentioned above, the construction cost of indoor water park is much higher than the cost of outdoor water park, which is mainly because of the cost of civil engineering projects, in terms of water park equipment, if the site is limited, the water park equipment needs to be customized, development costs Higher, in general, the construction period of the same size indoor water park is long than the construction period of the outdoor water park.

Three, cost

Large roomwater parkThe price of tickets and existing outdoor water parks is not big. It is acceptable for people who work properly. In contrast, the money is the same, but the service is different, more diversified water Amusement equipment, safe facilities, very improved.

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Fourth, not affected by weather

Indoor water parks can stay away from the weather, the weather can make the children easy to play, enjoy the body and mind. It not only has a pool, but also a variety of water facilities, which can increase the entertainment of the water park.

5, targeted

Large indoor water park is a special water amusement park, which is a unique entertainment venue, so it is particularly targeted. All facilities such as equipment, location, decoration, style design meet customer needs and beautiful, the game environment is better.

Six, different business hours

For the annual unit, the indoor water park has a distinctive feature, which can be opened all year round. The indoor constant temperature cost is relatively high, so it is very important to consider consumers' habits when constructing. In the south, the outdoor water park is mostly in the spring, summer, early autumn, many outdoor water parks can only be operated in summer, because the weather is mainly adjusted like indoor temperature.

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