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The full length of 178 meters can reach a speed of 24km/h. Can you give it a try?

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The full length of 178 meters can reach a speed of 24km/h. Can you give it a try?

Non-standard amusement + slide + stainless steel slide

The bright red ArcelorMittal Orbit was once the landmark sculpture of the 2012 London Olympics. It is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England. It is still the tallest sculpture in London, more than the freedom of the United States. The goddess is still 21 meters high. However, the ArcelorMittal Orbital Tower is not only high enough to be a group of people. Its exquisite and complex structure is a reflection of the architectural beauty. Even after the Olympic Games, it is still a must-see for tourists. But such a majestic tower is just for people to take pictures, it seems a little too pity.

    So at the beginning of 2016, the British thought of a bold way to make full use of the design advantages of this orbital tower and turn it into the world's tallest and longest slide. The most important thing about the slide is the design of the slide to see if it is safe and stimulating enough to attract tourists.

The City of London invited the world's skate expert Carsten Holler to design a slide that is 178 meters long. Visitors will slide down from a height of 74 meters. It takes about 40 seconds to get through the whole journey. A bend! The speed of decline can reach 24 kilometers at the fastest. Part of the slide is made of a transparent acrylic panel, and if you dare to open your eyes, you can also take advantage of the Olympia Park and the London skyline.

    The overall structure of the slide relies on the ArcelorMittal orbital tower, and it is subtly integrated into the whole building without destroying the overall beauty, allowing people to have more places to play, but it will not ruin the original beauty. Memorial tower. Time Out, the world's top lifestyle magazine, also selected it as one of the must-see attractions in London in 2016. The slide has been opened to the public on June 24, 2016.

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