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The importance of kindergarten furniture to kindergarten

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The importance of kindergarten furniture to kindergarten

I believe that in many people, I don't understand why kindergarten needs the special furniture of kindergarten. I directly go out wholesale a group of children's furniture is not very good? In fact, kindergarten's furniture is not so simple. Insudition, kindergarten furniture is a research and production, based on the average of various data of this age. From the perspective of security, health, and applicability, kindergarten furniture is to more and more active and healthier growth, and the parents will be more assured in the process of growth. Go life.

This article contains the following:

First, children's furniture formaldehyde content is too high

Second, the design is reasonable

Third, the material is passing

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1, children's furniture formaldehyde content is too high

The formaldehyde in the furniture is too high, which will cause great harm to the human respiratory system and immune system, especially for young children, their immune system is not perfect. Tolerance is poor than adults, which also shows that inferior furniture is much more harmful to children than adults.

2, reasonable design

Kindergarten children are both physiological and mature, so reasonable furniture design has a great help to the growth of kindergartens. For example, the height of the child's table and chairs, reasonable design can make the child to develop the correct sitting posture, thereby maintaining good vision, if the table is too high, the stool is too short, the child will be particularly hard, if The table is too short, the stool is too high, will have adverse effects on the child's growing spine.

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3, material pass

Professional kindergarten furniture, as well as preschool players not only beautiful in appearance, in line with children's aesthetics, the internal weight, the architecture is stable, and the combination is firmly reduced to minimize children due to furniture.

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