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The most common amusement equipment outdoor children's playground

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The most common amusement equipment outdoor children's playground

Outdoor game equipment is an indispensable part of your child's growth. What are the players that children often play?

What items are better in 2021 children's playing equipment?

This article contains the following

1, creative swing

2, climbing equipment

3, plum flower pile

4, large slide

5, sand water \"

6, microphone and striking instrument

Non-standard outdoor play equipment + children's play equipment factory - (3)

First, creative swings

Swing is the most common amusement equipment in Outdoor Children's Playground. Swing helps children to perceive balance, coordinate the position of the body in space, a wide variety of swings, more popular bird's nest, shaped swing, branches, swings, etc.

Second, climbing equipment

Outdoor Children's Climbing Network is a very popular amusement facility. Swing also exercises the child's body coordination ability and pre-proliferation. Cultivate their tenacious willpower and self-protection awareness. At present, the type of outdoor climbing network has a shaped climbing net, brave climbing peak, drilling labyrinth, rainbow rope net, rope net diamond network combination, fulcrum climbing, multi-function climbing network, etc.

Third, plum flower pile

The plum flower does not have a fixed gameplay, let the child give full play to their activities and imagination in the process of playing, get aerobic endurance exercise, thus achieving strong body, brainducing purpose.

Fourth, large slide

Large slides generally include plastics, stainless steel, wood materials, etc., slides can combine climbing, drill nets, challenging stainless steel slides, requires children to mobilize all parts of the whole body to coordinate operation, need hands, feet, eyes, and body integrated coordination. By mastering a variety of sports technologies, making the child's coordination better, more flexible, and more agile. Playing slides can not only get a lot of fun, but also promotes the healthy growth and development of children.

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five,Sand water equipment

Like to play sand water is the child's nature, in the river and park. Any places with water and sand can see their figure. They took a bucket and took a small shovel, smashed the little butt, digging the courage and pile. The plasticity and fluidity of the sand brings infinite imagination and exploration space to the child, promoting the child's personality development.

Six, microphone and striking instrument

The microphone is an interactive game product, and it is also a scientific adventure equipment, which is popular with new outdoor children's paradise. \"Outdoor Help \" is an outdoor instrument in major playgrounds, kindergartens, and parks in recent years. The instrument is specifically designed to outdoor, and this instrument can also play its own tone. The fighter instrument can stimulate the children's autonomy, identify different sound dimensions, and cultivate children's interest and literacy to music.

Seven, microfesome combination

The micro-shaped is an simulated mountain, the shaped slope of various protrusions designed. It is not only convenient to play, but also adds the fun and entertaining terrain. In the terrain, you can embed small crawl, climbing, stainless steel slides, ladders, tunnel drilling and other entertainment, suitable for children aged 2 ~ 5 years old.

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