Three characteristics

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Three characteristics

In addition to basic green plantings, the routine building and other conventional buildings and other conventional buildings must be integrated with various functions, and the living entertainment sectors are increasingly valued, especially for teenagers, and the atmosphere of parent-child interaction. Most of the communities, communities have conducted the introduction of amusement facilities, such as slides, swings and other equipment have already become a homewinner, then, in addition to theseAmusement facilityWhat else is suitable for community positioning?

The new typeless unloaded equipment is actually the door class, in many amusement facilities, as long as these three features meet the needs of community amusement:

1, small and medium-sized facilities

2, parent-child chance entertainment atmosphere

3, quality security

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First, small and medium-sized facilities

General recommendations Choose SMEs No powered entertainment facilities. Reasons are very simple: small and medium-sized non-power equipment costs are more acceptable, the combined equipment costs in large-scale theme parks are not suitable. It is not suitable for the size of the community, from the extent to the ground, space, surrounding construction landscape, Small equipment is also easier to achieve the ideal matching effect.

Stainless steel slide

Second, the parent-child mutual entertainment atmosphere

Inspector, you should pay attention to the fake of parent-child atmosphere. After all, at home, the parents are more likely to accompany their children to outdoor activities. This actual situation must be meticulous, and satisfied, parent-child interaction, leisure entertainment It can also make the overall life of the community more harmonious, with the quality of the new era, after all, the community life is not a night, and the drop needs to be built from the details.

In some small and medium-sized non-moving amusement facilities listed in the previous, some devices are monomer equipment, and the other part can effectively meet parent-child interactive amusement, such as sand pits, play water, these ordinary play can be achieved by fun equipment. Entertainment interaction, andClimbThe equipment can also make children play experience under the help of parents, and the process of interaction can be established.

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Third, quality safety

The Non-powered amusement facilities are ideal for community supporting, and they are particularly important for children, quality and safety rides, no matter which equipment, manufacturers with quality assurance, as a special equipment, meet standards The equipment can be used with confidence, and there is a related continuous after-sales maintenance series service, choose a reliable manufacturer produced by the rides, must be the strict standard of the supporting facilities of the community.

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