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Two major design points of the water park

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Two major design points of the water park

With the gradual enhancement of people, people in the summer are also increasing, which has created an unprecedented prosperity of the water park market, but good projects need investors to operate with heart, especially in water park planning. It is not only related to whether tourists have the desire to play, but also related to whether they will promote tourists to carry out secondary consumption, so pay attention to two points for the planning of the park.

This article contains the following:

1, clear theme

2, scene layout

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First, clear theme

Clear theme clues, theme water park, as the name implies is the theme, making it around theme. Taking the challenge of the aforementioned water park with the story of the story, or uses the relevant stories in the movie to explain that the film storyline is combined with the play experience of the water park equipment, so that the water park has mysterious and charming attractive attraction. The theme culture of force.

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Second, scene layout

The focus of scene design is to give tourists to have story experience, plot in the landscape, try to make all corners have storyline or become a story, and provide tourists with vivid and interesting experience in the constant scene design changes. .

The water amusement park project is essential, and the theme water park players should consider the experience. The scene design of the water park should be a cultural industry packaging of the subject plot. Set the plot clues in different regions, combine the image in the topic, spread and infect each other to the paradise, and fully utilize the subject plot, and satisfy Entertainment needs.

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