Type of outdoor children's play equipment introduction!

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Type of outdoor children's play equipment introduction!

People have continuously enhanced the importance of agreed pre-school education, so that most of the markets are now in the construction of kindergartens, playgrounds and parks. The local parents who will play for children will consider the factors, such as the play environment and the configuration security of the play equipment. In the Kindergarten, many kindergartens will be upgraded to the innovative learning environment in order to attract more children. For example, for kindergarten hardware facilities, outdoor play equipment is one of them, and outdoor equipment can make the children vitality. Also became the conditions for parents who are willing to choose and introduce!

This article contains the following types

Entertainment Leisure Outdoor Small Amusement Equipment

2. Sports challenge class outdoor equipment

3. Expand the body-like amusement equipment

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I, entertainment and leisure outdoor small play equipment

This kind of leisure entertainment represents amusement equipment mainly based on slides, generally with slide as the main core, adds to the rocking horse, climbing equipment wall, swing and other equipment. In fact, whether in kindergarten, park or in the playground, will choose a combined castle, Blue Cat, Great Wall, etc., and can also customize products according to customer needs.

Second, sports challenge class outdoor equipment

The main functions of such players are through different difficult facilities, using different highly poor or space differences to challenge themselves under a safe and comfortable environment. For example, there is a common plum blossom, rope net climbing, rock climbing equipment, etc., which use different heights to make children challenge their inner fear.

Third, expand the body-like play equipment

The main purpose of expanding equipment is to strengthen the physical fitness and physical fitness, match other airbags or different protective measures, combined into a suspension bridge, drill tube, rocking bridge, climbing, etc., a challenge space, each level The role is obvious, and the children can play both play.

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Chau Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. enables children to play their potential in the process of playing safe, happy playing space, and enhances their physical fitness to strengthen their body development. Our products make buyers more assured, the children have more fun, parents are more secure.

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