Understand the kindergarten children, what to love

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Understand the kindergarten children, what to love

Now there is a saying, kindergarten should be the child's most carefree, after all, don't understand this time. I only know how to play every day, it is, it is not particularly very much. This time is the most beautiful childhood memories of children. Here is where they first accept enlightenment education.

Chau non-standard travel + large crawling + slide - (13)

Understand the kindergarten children, what to love

However, what kind of kindergarten, let the children impressed? So many years have passed, everyone may stay in the heart, or thoseOutdoor toy. After all, when it is fun, the character is more lively. At that time, natural for these toys, I naturally be more curious, I couldn't help but play.

Of course, the kindergarten outdoors, what toys, this thing is much! It may be that when you enter the kindergarten, you will be impressive at the beginning that the combination slide! This type has a very much, iron, plastic, is simply a dazzling.

Although there are a lot of styles of slides, what kind of slide can attract most children like it. As we have grown up, those toys are constantly improving. Especially those who see these slides, it may be the same as when we are young, this can tell the trend of the times. For example, in style, some will combine these anime characters and reality, and such words can also attract more children. There is a big shark, hellokitty, etc., anyway, children like it, see that I can't help but touch it!

There is also whether toys are complete, although each child likes to play with a variety of toys. However, for the requirements of the toys, it is basically a small difference, that is, it is necessary to play, and the pattern natural requirement is more. If the type is more than a single, you can play it again, and you are not interested in a long time! Sometimes I have to see if I can meet the interests of everyone, after all, good things must learn to share is good.

Slide + combination slide + small doctoral + no powerful play equipment + angel blue cat (14)

Understand the kindergarten children, what to love

In fact, participate in the outdoor game equipment, and the way children compare the play, after all, this age is still more fun. Especially for those adventure games, it is more interested, except for the ghost houses. There is also the kind of playing equipment that consumes physical strength, still is not interested, it's too tired after all!

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