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Unpowered rides combined slide safety standards common sense - 1

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Unpowered rides combined slide safety standards common sense - 1

      ChinaUnpowered ridesAfter 20 years of development in China, it has gradually formed an industry that has begun to take shape. Domestic standards for quality standards or safety requirements for products in this industry have always relied on the most representative European standard EN1176 and American ASTM. Large standards, the status quo of domestic safety standards is lagging behind, the status quoClick >>>

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Unpowered playCommon products of the facility are:Combination slide, swings, rocking horses, slides, zip lines, seesaws, rock climbing, rope nets and other products. Unpowered rides Most products are used by young children and children. Children and children lack awareness of dangers. Practitioners should pay attention to the healthy development of children and prevent potential dangerous outputs.

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     The non-powered amusement facilities should be subject to the following key safety issues: 1. The overall physical safety of the playground, including structural firmness, clearance safety, space barrier risk factor, fall protection measures, safety signs, equipment maintenance, etc.; 2. The chemical safety of playground equipment is mainly manifested by whether the materials meet the environmental protection level, whether lead, formaldehyde, etc. meet the relevant requirements. In particular, rubber and coated products should be used in strict accordance with national standards.

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   This chapter will focus on material safety knowledge. I hope that simple knowledge can help parents and practitioners. EN1176 is currently the most professional and detailed standard for amusement products. The main specifications are some physical safety standards. At present, our company's products are mainly used. This standard, the standard of some of the main security data authors made a summary for everyone to make a reference:
1. Finger squeeze clamp danger control: the product gap that the user can touch should meet the requirements of ≤ ф8mm or ≥ ф25mm, avoiding the child's card finger
2, head and neck squeeze: the user's torso, head and neck contact closed hole or opening product gap should meet ≥ ф25mm ≤ ф130mm, or ≥ ф25mm ≤ 89 * 157mm, or ≥ ф230, to avoid children Head and neck, torso squeeze

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3. Anti-clothing hook test: The entrance and sliding section of sliding components such as slides, sliding buckets, slides, and skids must not be hung up. There should be no more than 2MM clearance between the entrance and the sliding section to avoid children's card slings, etc.
4, anti-entanglement test: the user can touch the protrusions, no sharp protrusions, to avoid children's injuries, scratches, etc.
5, armrest balance device, used to protect children's handrails, for balance should be higher than 600mm shorter than 850mm, such as stair railings, bridge handrails, to avoid unbalanced fall when children are active.

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  This chapter isUnpowered playA brief summary of the gap requirements, more knowledge focus on the next chapter: "Unpowered rides combined slide safety standards common sense - 2"

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