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Volkswagen likes indoor play equipment price quote

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Volkswagen likes indoor play equipment price quote

In recent years, the development of children's industry has gradually expanded, and the play equipment developed according to the needs of the children has also been recognized by consumers. As a child player, an investor has also obtained a profit, and a lot of novice investors asked: What is the price of indoor children's play equipment? Next, Xiaobian will give you some equipment for everyone.

This article contains the following

1. Child Expansion Project

2. Rope Network Maze Project

3. Combined slide project

Child expansion project

The child expansion project is characterized by a new generation of children's challenges based on a new generation of children's characteristic design. Most of the training of children's expansion projects is in accordance with different challenges, such as traveling, climbing, drilling holes, etc., let children experience high-altitude climbing, through obstacles to mobilize the perseverance to hind the children, challenge yourself ability. The charging standard for children's expansion project is usually a square charge, a m2 price is around 800 yuan.

Indoor play + rock climbing + devil slide + children's paradise + art rock climbing

Rope network maze project

There are many kinds of indoor maze projects, such as rope net maze now to introduce, in addition to mirror maze, slide labyrinth is also popular projects. The rope net maze is one of the popularity projects among the Children's Paradise, which is suitable for a play experience in every age, with experience, scientific features. In the process of play, the play experience needs to find a suitable export point through the analysis of mental analysis, and there is powerful excitement and challenge for the experience. The rope net maze project is also charged in a square, and the one-square charge is about 400 yuan.

Combination slide project

The combined slip slide is made through different parts, so there will be a combination slide, the combination slide is generally from the door, a bridge, top, climber, handrail, rope net, etc., in a small combination slide outdoors All accessories are used to use fasteners, and the surface is processed, and the projections are prevented from scratching in the process of playing. A factory custom-made child climbing combination slide price is determined by specific factors such as the material, the material, the actual scale, etc.

Combination slide + play equipment + small doctoral + slide + angel blue cat series LT-HT019 (2)

Of course, the above project quotes are estimated quotes. Different project materials and size have a great impact on the sales of prices, and more good projects can contact our market sales staff.

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