Want to invest outdoor children's playgrounds, understanding outdoor children's play equipment quote is inevitable

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Want to invest outdoor children's playgrounds, understanding outdoor children's play equipment quote is inevitable

Nowadays, there are many people who want to be involved in the children's play industry. Everyone will think that the current investment in children's play industry is relatively easy. The post-management maintenance is very simple, low risk, high value, high-reward way to make many people want to invest. Children's playground outdoors. However, the quote of children who must understand as a investor must be understood before investing, but what should I understand? What ways have learned about a supplier's quotation, and now I will understand the music map!

This article contains the following

Online official website price query

Peer product price recommended

How to do not eat when buying equipment

First online official website price query

A large outdoor children's play equipment suppliers have their own independent official website, you can understand the company's strengths, company main projects, companies, etc., company contact information, company product quotes, etc. At this time, you can use the product choice on the official website, you can also contact their customer service staff, learn about the quotation methods and prices.

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Second peer product price recommended

In addition to the official website information introduced above, you can also see some of the prices of playing equipment in other ways, such as Alibaba, China Marco Polo and other Amusement Mall. You can also recommend the relevant product recommendations. For example, when you go to a line of entity park, you can see this brand of the music map, then you can choose us to learn the following prices.

Third, how to do not suffer when buying equipment

When you purchase the equipment, you must value the manufacturer to provide you with direct sales or inter-sales. The gap between these two sales methods is very obvious. If it belongs to the factory direct sales not only in the price of preferential policies, and the process of quality material can also be learned in detail; however, indirect sales may have small workshop production, playing big brand sales form, not only price will suffer, but also quality Can not guarantee.

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Outdoor children's play equipment offer you can learn from different perspectives, it is recommended that investors can understand the equipment price while understanding the equipment price, not only compare prices, but also the strength and after-sales. The product price excellent in this purchase is higher.

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