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Water park design plan

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Water park design plan

As a water tourism product, the water park is deeply loved, whether it is to play with friends, or the whole family travel, the water park is not a relaxation and entertainment. With the development of in recent years, the types of amusement equipment are gradually rich, and the design plan of the water park has gradually developed to the subjectization of the play project, and what should we start planning?

This article contains the following:

1, clear the subject positioning

2, improve experience

3, comprehensive development

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First, clear the subject positioning

One of the most important steps in the water park is the overall creativity and design. This step directly determines the development direction and theme positioning of the water park, and the soul of a water park should be reflected in creativity, which is a clear theme story and the respective number of themes. Design, overall, the planning and design of the water park is very comprehensive. To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to settle the market, comprehensive landscape, architecture, process design.

Water Park Positioning is a combination of a subjective judgment and rational market analysis, and the water park is a reflection of developer cultivation, knowledge and innovation capabilities, and requires developers to have a keen market feeling, which can seize potential market opportunities, and Use skilled business operations experience, organize professionals to refine and pack their themes. At the same time, the theme of the water park depends on the market findings of relevant professionals. Market surveys can help the water park theme to cater or guide consumers' needs, thus jumping out of simple plagiarism, imitating shadows, this is also the next step, get rid of the same An important means of quality.

Second, improve the experience

In the planning and design of the water park, it is also necessary to consider improving customer experience and appeal to meet the overall needs of the population. It must be based on the whole. For example, setting young people like stimulating tensions is essential. For example, big speakers, galloping slides, etc. In this whole, adding a landscape design or some drama products, it will be more attractive to meet the characteristics of the customer, and improve the reward rate.

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Third, comprehensive development

The marketing point of the water park is more than just tickets. Of course, in a certain situation, improve consumption levels mainly depend on other commercial settings in the park, such as the peripherals of the water park, lockers leasing, catering, etc. In the commercial layout, the entrance and lockers in the park, the locker room is the advantageous area of ​​commercial selling points, the site selection of dining facilities, usually around amusement facilities, tourists' residence time, help to increase food consumption opportunities .

In addition, the planning and design of the water park also needs to consider leisure places, non-slip problems, safety channels, etc. If you can intervene in the project, you can provide professional water park operation management programs, and save time costs for park investors. Improve profit.

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