Water park integrated development, improve secondary consumption level

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Water park integrated development, improve secondary consumption level

In the case of certain conditions, the increase in consumption levels mainly depends primarily on the consumption of commercial sales and food facilities in the water park area. The secondary consumption in the water park includes the rental, swimsuit, swim ring, water gun and other water toy purchases, food consumption, etc. In the commercial layout, it is generally in the park entry district and locker room, and the commercial selling point is configured around the storage room. In the amusement area, there is a good visual effect around the playground, which can be convenient for tourists to stop watching, and increase Handling dietary consumption opportunities. In terms of goods, diet development, in line with local habits, unique, themes, can be better subject to visitors.

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The planning and design of the water park project can be divided into the seven stages from the beginning to the construction.

1, planning

This is the original source of the project. Mainly for the initial thinking of the project, including: upper conditional analysis, topic positioning, market positioning, site selection, intent layout mode, basic content planning, etc.

2, feasibility study

From the feasibility of technology, economic verification project planning, including policy research, market analysis, planning program research, preliminary investment estimation, financial analysis, influence analysis, risk analysis, etc., is an important part of whether the project is established.

3, overall planning

After the site is determined, the overall layout and arrangement of the base and space is performed. This stage should be clearly used, land use indicators, architectural requirements, supporting facilities, etc.

4, concept design

After the project is settled, it officially puts the specific design work. Landing topic stories, architectural style, flat layout, motion setting, water recreation project configuration, business, service, management facility configuration.

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5, program design

Continuing concept design stages, comprehensive design work, construction, exterior, interior, landscape, lighting, electrical design.

6, expanded

On the basis of the program design, it is clearly facade, size, color, etc., marked details.

7, construction map

Implement all design results into the construction documentation for construction bidding and post-construction guidance.

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