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Water park prospects plan

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Water park prospects plan

The so-called three-point, seven-point management, and water parks have been essential from the initial project concept to construction, construction, operation, smooth operation, and scientific operation management work is essential.

This article is directed by the landing efficient operation, summarizing the important matters of the early construction and operation of the water park:

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1, team formation

Develop operational goals, set your job function; check the workload of each employee; hire temporary helpers, contractors, consultants; to divide responsibility for employees.

2, fee development

Familiar with the feasibility study report, share financial objectives with employees and corporate teams; formulate discounts and marketing strategies; establish a classified ticket system and marketing activities; formulate ticketing systems such as codes, business hours, refund and other ticketing systems.

3, formulate financial planning

Establish an accounting regulation system, the necessary files and documents, plan the cashier area.

4, formulate marketing planning

Develop a viable marketing plan, plan timeline, theme, name, slogan, theme music, etc .; and prepare social media marketing.

5, form a business plan

Set the target, timeline, long-term planning; set task instructions, current and short-term goals, maintain communication with the board and management to form business planning.

6, start registration, construction process

Start registration, build processes, the sooner the better. First, you must determine the highlights of the first year. Don't think that there must be someone after completion. Pay attention to simple and convenient, put the main energy in the construction of new facilities.

7. Develop policy manuals

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8. Develop emergency management solutions

Develop a normative system with the emergency group, the standardization system must be reviewed by the competent department;

9, write employee manual

The employee manual includes task instructions, operational rules, organizational frameworks, position instructions, employees basic processes, employee policies, exchange processes, lifeguards daily task code, review system, equipment facilities, tourists related policies, tourists related regulations, laws and regulations, etc. content. The employee manual must become all behavioral norms, let employees sign confirm and agree that the manual must be public records, not keeping the secret, but also to make the lawyer inspect operator manual.

10, lifeguard training

Including the selection of safety systems to review design; establish a lifeformer rotation system; choose lifeguard coaches and training places to arrange training.

11. Prepare for the required service

Need to solve the following problem: Do you need a pool service provider? Who will provide catering services? Is there a given water supply service? Do you have a landscape building outsourcing? Who will run a licensed area? Is there an security agreement?

12. Planning corporate sponsor activities

Develop corporate sponsorship plan, entrust a lawyer review plan; establish a normative system, prepare materials such as advertising, budget, and forms, flyers, and start marketing activities.

13, ready to open ceremony

To meet the laws and regulations, prepare for a large number of passenger flows, pay attention to safety, but also prepare media publicity.

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