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Water slide is generally classified

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Water slide is generally classified

In the hot summer, many children prefer to go to the place where there is water, and the cool water will bring you a different sense of experience. In this case, the Water Children's Paradise has become a cool choice for family summer, and there are many children like a play facility, andIn the water playground, the slide is one of the more popular items.

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The water slide is roughly divided into two major categories, one, a large water slide of dozens of meters or even a hundred meters long slide. Second, it is a kind of water-saladed water slide that kindergarten often uses drama.

In terms of functional, the water slide has added a lot of playful players such as buckets, drip lotions, water curtains, water guns, water guns, water curtains, water poloes, and so on. Because of the addition of drama, the water slide also added the function of attracting your child's interest.

In terms of planning and production and apparatus of water slides, the water slide is difficult to add several times more than the general slide. First, in terms of corrosion resistance planning, metal components such as metal column metal channels in general slides, only considering the general grade, weather resistance, salt-tolerant, anti-rust and corrosion corrosion planning. However, water in the water environment in which the water slide is located often has disinfectant, water and disinfectant, which have a high corrosion effect on the metal parts of the slide and the metal part. It is also necessary to consider high-grade weather resistance, salt-tolerant, salt-tolerant, anti-rust and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the metal part of the water slide is far lower than the anti-corrosion plan of the car in the anti-corrosion plan.

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In terms of production, the water slide adds a lot of drama function, like a water wheel, drip lotion, fountain, water curtain, water gun water gun, bucket, etc. Many production difficulties have been added, and it is even more messy in terms of device.

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