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What are the 2020 new outdoor large play equipment?

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What are the 2020 new outdoor large play equipment?

The weather is rotated, many people will choose to have a colleague and family to see, 2020 is a special year, and many industries are facing a major challenge, but believe that in everyone's efforts will continue to move forward. . As everyone's cognition of amusement equipment is more profound, the demand for innovation amusement equipment is more obvious. Therefore, today's music map will introduce several popular large-scale play equipment in 2020, which is also for many intentional investments. People solved \"What are the 2020 new outdoor large play equipment.

Rocket shooting

This project is definitely said that this year's explosive popular play project is more exciting than jumping machine, and the rocket shooting is more demanding for the venue, and there is no large building within 50 meters of the square. Such a bounced lifting method is also very high for the lighting effect. At present, the rocket shooting project will definitely be favored by everyone under the urban economic environment of the night tour.

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Lucky Sambo

Perhaps everyone knows that Items such as Rotating Trojans, Air Rotating Speeds, but you can know that this auspicious tribao innovation design directly increases nearly three times. It is desirable that it will be directly laminated to nearly 400 square meters of equipment occupation venue. The advantage of this project is attractive, the first layer will set the bumper car, the second layer is a soft rotating Trojan, the third layer is the most exciting crazy flying chair, not only saving the time of the user queue, but also reduces The management cost of the staff.

Wandering earth

Everyone has seen this movie! In fact, the difference between stray earth and ordinary rotary projects is that this device is very large, such as ordinary equipment, which can only host nearly 20 visitors, but this device can accommodate 40 tourists, directly shorten the time of tourists waiting. And also passed the extensive experience of different display projects in the project operation.

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Tour world

What are the 2020 new outdoor large play equipment? Tour World This project is designed to be a hard work, 360 degrees of up and down, plus stimulating lifting experience, the irritation can make you feel what is fast separation. According to the feedback of the players, just play the world's project, and then play other projects is not going down.


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