What are the aspects of choosing stainless steel slides? Security problems cannot be ignored

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What are the aspects of choosing stainless steel slides? Security problems cannot be ignored

Many people will not be strange for stainless steel slides, because many large shopping malls are now installed in order to attract consumers, not only a cholecyt, but also highly playable, is a very common amusement equipment, so for operators Purchasers say what problems need to be considered in the process of choosing stainless steel slides?

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chooseStainless steel slideWhat are you need to consider? Security problems cannot be ignored

One: Safety is greater than everything, it is also the foundation

With the popularity of the slide, my country's slide is very common, and the accident coming again, it is also an increasing year. Once a safety accident, then the consequences are very serious, after all, every child is a parent Baby, so the primary task is to consider safety when buying slides, first of all, is designing modeling and whether the document meets the requirements, the material intensity and the material of the material, if the material of the slide is not environmentally friendly, very Some toxic gases may be released, and the child's breath will have a very much influence in this case, and the slide does not have a sharp-angled object, and the excessive form of rounded corners should be used. Through the steel ropes and the strength of the rope must be reviewed and the probability of risk is lowered low.

Second: The height of the slide

There are often many things that will be ignored. In fact, the child's age is different. It is different for the demand of the slide. If the slide is too low, then the child does not have fun, if the height of the slide is high, then the child's taxi speed will become fast, If you hit the item, you will have an accident, so this should pay attention

Three: The maintenance facility of the slide is in place

The guardrail is one of the necessary components necessary for the slide. It is highly to set according to the height of the child, and the spacing should also meet the requirements of the standard. Many of the naughty children will go to the center of the strike, in fact, this is a very dangerous action, But the child is also happy, it is completely unclear that the dangerous existence is one of the permissible ranges, the number of guardrails can be more.

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What are the aspects of choosing stainless steel slides? Security problems cannot be ignored

In fact, the reason why the stainless steel slide is so fast, it is the result of many reasons. Under the increasingly updated, the design and safety of stainless steel slides will enter the new step, and they will solve the problem in their own way. Will you create better benefits.

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