What are the children's favorite styles?

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What are the children's favorite styles?

Today, with the development of the new era, a variety of slides are emerging, and the slide style does not stop, but truly will not change the enthusiasm for children for the slides. So, what is the slide style that is better than the children like children?

This article contains the following:

1, the plastic slide in the children's room park

2,Open slide in millions of marine balls

3, outdoor combination slide

4, devil slide

5, stainless steel slide

Shaanxi Xi'an Daxing Adventure Island + Stainless Steel Slide - (12)

First, the plastic slide in the children's room park

Plastic slides are the most important part of the children's room park, typically located in the center of the world's theme park, forming good cooperation with marine ball pools. The shape is mainly in the form of three rowless shapes. Of course, there is a separate, a spiral slide with a building block. This type of slide is small, the slope is small, the difficulty is difficult, and it is more suitable for children who are suitable for preschool and some beginner slides.

Second, the open slide in the millions of marine balls

Open slides can be said to be a standard of millions of marine balls. This kind of design without an armrest increases the difficulty of slide, for the children, this slider is more exciting, more challenging. The slide can make several children slip down, which can help those who are relatively small to overcome their fear of slides, and for those who like to follow the style, you can slip down with other children, Can also add fun to their slide experience.

Third, outdoor combination slide

Outdoor combination slides include two types of plastic combination slides and wooden combination slides. It is a combination of stairs, rock climbing walls, drilling, platform, slides such as a comprehensive children's event center, equivalent to a small child theme park. The combined slide has been highly evaluated by kindergarten, which can be said to be the standard of kindergarten.

201906 Changzhou Tianning District Mushu Agricultural Recreation Tourism Park + Stainless Steel Slide - (22)

Fourth, the devil slide

The devil slide is a traditional slide extension that is made on the slope and length. Compared with traditional slides, the slope of the devil is larger, longer length, more difficult, so it is more irritating and challenging. In recent years, the devil slides have been popular in the romance equipment market, which is more and more popular with the children's theme park operators.

V. Stainless steel slide

The stainless steel slide is a major breakthrough in the shape and length, including an all-tube slide, a half-tube, a spiral, a spiral, a cross sparkled rotation, and a terrain-cooked ramp. The style is more rich, and the shape is more novel. It is one of the entertainment projects introduced by the competition in the major cells. Today, in the pursuit of differentiation, stainless steel slides will definitely lead the future slide.

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