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What are the children's fighting instruments?

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What are the children's fighting instruments?

The Outdoor Children's Paradise has developed now, and many outdoor play equipment have been breed. Also tight with the opening of the second child, many investors put their own investment targets in the children market. For pre-school children's age, self-protection awareness is relatively weak, they need to take into account these important factors while choosing players. So today's music maps will bring you about the related content of the outdoor children's paradise, first come to find out what outdoor will fight the instrument?

Children's strike instruments are capable of stimulating children's exploration capabilities, identifying different sound dimensions, and found interests are the currently popular outdoor striking instruments. Among them, the microphone and the tap instrument can inspire the interaction between children and people, or cultivate children's preferences for music. Children's striking instruments are designed for children with a small age, mainly spread in the kindergarten, outdoor parks and children's playgrounds in recent years.

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There are a lot of ways to fight the instrument of the child, which can be in the park where people are relatively large, install the sand hammer, double-ring, bell, etc. in the air, if you can open a striking instrument room in the park In addition, add a better environment, birdshuahua believes that many parents will be willing to play their children. What are the children's fighting instruments?

Big drum: This is a musical instrument that uses leather inconsistency in the tubular resonance box. The amount of the big drum is relatively low, the volume is large, can cause a strong atmosphere, and the sound produced on different beats is also a big difference.

Sandball: Compare conventional sand balls are hollow spheres made of coconut or plastic, with small gravel in the middle, as long as it encounters the sand ball, it will produce a crisp and fantastic voice. This kind of sound is simple and gentle, and it is more suitable for children to distinguish between sound.

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Route: One piece of shell is used as a sound instrument, an intermediate tightening, is the vibration sound from the collision between the wood chips. Compared to preschool children, it is to put the ring in the palm, and use another hand to take a sound.

Woodfish: This is a musical instrument that is engraved with wood, intermediate empty ends. In the cartoon, children should be often seen. When you play, you should put the tail when you play, and the puzzle hand beat the head through the knock on the wooden stick, and the crisp sound.


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