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What are the common outdoor and indoor amusement facilities?

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What are the common outdoor and indoor amusement facilities?

Amusement facilities are two types of indoor and outdoor amusement facilities. The differences contained in the playing facilities included in the two different places are relatively large. The main reason is that the space limit can cause more equipment that cannot be within a limited space. Show, so today's music map is mainly to share two different places of stay?

Outdoor Amusement Facilities

Outdoor play facilities are mainly classified according to their organizational structure and motion, according to the variety of children's play facilities, in addition to comparing traditional turns type, scooter type, racing type, etc., there is still more hot powerless power Facilities products, because of playing methods, it is also relatively perfect in styling technology, with an advantage of education, and is deeply recognized by parents.

First, turn horse equipment

Treasy small amusement facilities are common with large green cars, astroquiry, etc. Such amusement equipment is safe, not too much hidden danger, because the speed of rotation is not too fast, and bring the player a true pleasure.

Physical Export Training Equipment Main Figure 4

Second, taxi equipment

The slid devices in the outdoor playground are usually large and exciting, such as roller coins, crazy mice, mine cars, etc. In fact, these equipment vehicles themselves have no power, but when the lifting device reaches a certain height, rely on The inertia is moving forward.

Third, flight equipment

Common flight equipment includes flight tower, frog jumping, glider, etc., hanging from half-air and relying on rising and falling, such play projects need to be accompanied by adults.

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Map) 8

Indoor play equipment

Indoor play equipment is compared to outdoor equipment, there must be certain restrictions in specifications, such as some large players cannot be actually played indoors, but indoor play equipment is more safe and suitable for children. Carefree play.

What are the amusement facilities? Common indoor amusement equipment must have naughty castle, small video game equipment, slides, children's trampoline parks, building blocks, marine balls, etc., the characteristics of these projects are light, convenient for clerk management, for children Health and safety.


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