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What are the devices worth buying in children's play equipment?

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What are the devices worth buying in children's play equipment?

In recent years, the market in the indoor children's play industry can be said to be in the same development, and innovative equipment is emerging. From the rainbow rope net, a million ocean ball, labyrinth trampoline, to the later net red shake bridge, devil slide, etc., are constantly stimulating parents and children's consumption, bringing them more surprises. Thus, for those who have the ability to invest projects, if there is a right opportunity for the right project, it is very suitable for children's paradise investment. So, what are the equipment worth buying? Take a look!

This article contains the following

1 Trampoline Maze Palace

2 level challenge equipment

3 million ocean ball

4 beach adventure sand pool

Children's Paradise + Software Toys + Small Sports Hall (4)

First, trampoline maze park

The trampoline project is a very popular project in recent years. Whether it is the theme trampoline park or a plate of trampoline project, it is deeply like. The price of the trampoline equipment, and a small trampoline can make the experienceman feel the common functions of jumping, sports, stimulation and thrilling, a trampoline can withstand at least 500 pounds of gravity, according to the spring elasticity, let players jump to 3 Rice or even higher. Now the trampoline equipment has also launched a lot of projects, such as trampoline sticky, trampoline music, trampoline maze, etc.

Second, the level challenge equipment

The level of tourism is also essential in a children's park, such as the human drill rod, boxing bag, a wooden bridge, drill hole, crawling, shake bridge, etc. A lot of fun. General level challenges are also full of difficulties, so for the safety of players, it is generally combined with marine balls or bubbles to form an independent competitive play center. For children, every level is a small challenge.

Third, million ocean ball pool

Ocean balls can be said to be a million products of many projects, ocean balls can be filed with the devil slides, trampoline jumps, expansion challenges. The marine ball project can be said to be a popular classic equipment in a shopping mall, not only the safety net of the children's activities is another blue ocean that lets children learn knowledge. The sequacults of the marine ball church of various colors, the shape, and the color.

Children's Paradise + Software Toys + Small Sports Hall (12)

Fourth, beach adventure sand pool

Almost every child has a small tool for a shovel, and they like very high for the heat of the sand and the water, as a very high cost-effective sand pool project is also a device worth buying. Sha pool is simple, it doesn't need to be repaired, and it is very convenient to see the sand is not enough or overflow. It is very convenient.

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