What are the form of inletless amusement equipment? Roughly three kinds

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What are the form of inletless amusement equipment? Roughly three kinds

Everyone understands the meaning of the meaning, the non-warring play equipment is usually referred to as an external force that does not rely on external force, which has a lot of amusement equipment and plumber. Advantage. Not only the safety factor is high, but the later maintenance cost is relatively low, you can provide better interactivity and experience. It has become a choice for many investors, and the previous investment is relatively low.

Chau non-standard travel + stainless steel crawl - (2)

Inlet amusement equipmentWhat are the forms? Roughly three kinds

Such equipment actually originated from foreign countries, since the rapid development of China's text travel industry, its own characteristics have also begun to gradually reveal, gradually and in the city's commercial theme park and real estate supporting Role. And after years of development, its classification is gradually more. Similarly, it can be summarized as the following:

One: Challenge play equipment.

This device is very irritating, and it is necessary to carry out high-altitude obstacles to climb, and speed reduction. The child's age range is generally between 8 and 13 years old, usually children under the age of 7 are not recommended to play this type.

Two: Interactive Done Power Equipment

The characteristics of this device are very interactive, requiring communication between people and people to perform the entire process, and the range of the venue is relatively large. During the process of playing, there is no need to wear a safety device, and it has also increased from the side, and there is fun. Appropriate age areas are relatively large, children and adults can do. A lot of companies and corporate built activities will also choose this, so it is also the most wide.

Three: Experience

The smallest play equipment unit is experienced, and the equipment is mostly small. Mainly designed for a single child. For example, Sha pool and block maze, etc. This form of amusement equipment is relatively low, and the cost of maintenance is relatively small. Savured by many investors.

Chau non-standard travel + large crawling + slide - (13)

What are the form of inletless amusement equipment? Roughly three kinds

In fact, if you want to buy a powerful playing equipment, you can consult a professional manufacturer. Before you consult, you should send a specific information to the manufacturer's technician, which can be effectively communicated so that you can design the specific information.

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