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What are the kindergarten combination slides? Some material selection

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What are the kindergarten combination slides? Some material selection

The current kindergarten has replaced a new combination slide because this slide is more rich in play, and it can continue to bring fresh fun to children. In addition to the richness of the game, the security of the equipment itself has also been recognized by many parents. Because the current kindergarten equipment has a rich choice on the material, users can make the final choice according to their own preferences. This will give users a new option, they can find more situations that suits you in such devices. So what do you have to choose?

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Kindergarten combination slideWhat? Some material selection

First, plastic material

Plastic material is a material that is often used in the slide equipment, because it can be presented in a very bright manner, just catering the children like colorful preferences. Moreover, the abrasion resistance of the plastic material is relatively good, and it can be used for a long time, and it will not bring too much trouble to follow-up. There is also a little more important, and the plastic material is comparable to the environmental requirements, and the child does not have injured in this material, which can play a good protection.

Second, wood material

Wood material is actually relatively recommended, but in the actual market, the popularity is not very high. Because the wood material is difficult to create high-end appearance levels, many users are not willing to choose such materials. However, the advantage of the wood material is indeed more obvious. On the one hand, the texture is relatively soft, and it is very good to protect the child's exercise. And it also meets the rough environmental requirements, so that such equipment can be more close to natural.

Third, PVC material

PVC materials are a new type of material that is really reasonable on the slide apparatus. Because its overall quality is relatively light, the hard level is satisfactory. More importantly, users can transform the mentality of this material according to their own needs and ideas, which will bring more creative slide appearance. This is also some places where users are very concerned, and they can make their choices full of more flexibility.

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What are the kindergarten combination slides? Some material selection

Therefore, regardless of which material is selected, this has the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Including the budgetary situation prepared by the user, it will have a certain impact on the selection of later materials. It is certain that these materials will not have an impact on the human body, they can be assured.

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