What are the necessary processes necessary for children's playgrounds - later?

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What are the necessary processes necessary for children's playgrounds - later?

In the previous article, Xiaobian mainly introduced some basic processes that the previous investment entrepreneurial children's playground needed. The construction work, the later process mainly includes the following points: site selection, opening preparation, publicity and opening, operation management.

This article contains the following:

Site selection

2. Opening preparation

3. Propaganda and opening activities

4. Operation management

First, site selection

In the intention, it is to determine the need to build a children's playground. First, the location of the children's playground is the first step, you can choose to choose in the park, shopping mall, self-conscious, community community, entrepreneur Find a suitable place by real estate intermediary.

Non-standard travel + combination slide + crawling

Second, the opening preparation

When you are ready, a more complex and cumbersome process requires the pre-session of various documents, venue decoration, equipment purchase, and installation, employee recruitment and training, opening activities. However, if you choose a lottery brand to join, it will be relaxed, because our company will be responsible for all the services during the opening of the customer.

Third, publicity and opening activities

Opening promotion can be said to be the first step in making a return funds, as this is one of the ways to make a profit opening of children's playground. Some common open activities can be done directly through the tutorial learning, but you want to innovate better publicity activities, you need to have a certain technique of investment brand, such as the music map can be different A franchise feature is a different publicity.

Fourth, operation management

When the children's playground is opened, it is necessary to do internal institutional management, service management, publicity management, etc., and the activities of holidays, the daily maintenance of equipment, and the management of store staff needs to be done. A responsible joily brand will be able to take a comprehensive track from the beginning to the formal, and put forward constructive advice for the operations of the venue.

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + spiral slide - (1)

The above is the whole process of building a children's playground. If you are now in a confused period, you don't know how to do your own investment and what to do, follow the process of the previous child playground. I believe that it is great to help you. You also welcome you to Chau Play, we will be happy to build children's playground services.

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