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What are the necessary processes necessary for children's playgrounds - the previous period?

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What are the necessary processes necessary for children's playgrounds - the previous period?

The market's play demand has increased significantly. Suppliers who produce amusement equipment are also more and more, we all know that the key step in the children's playground is to find the positioning equipment, find the specific construction process, only understand the basic model of the establishment. Will suffer in the later operation. Many investors are unclear about the process of opening the children's playground, seeing small preparation.

The children's playground can probably be divided into two general parts, and Xiaobian will explain it in accordance with the previous process and later processes. First of all, the previous process is a project inspection, market research, and invest three parts.

This article contains the following

1. Project prospects, entrepreneurial threshold

2. Market environment survey

3. Do investment decision

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I. Project prospects, entrepreneurial threshold

The development of the children's playground must be inseparable from the demand of society. The comprehensive second child policy will indicate that the scale of the future child market is constantly growing, and the proportion of children's consumption accounts for the total expenditure of households will be higher, and the economic development is accompanied by people. The ability to enhance the ability of children's playgrounds to become a business project having many newer investors.

The threshold of indoor children's playground has a low threshold, and you can buy outdoor equipment to start our own entrepreneurial journey. There is a large number of hundreds of square meters of playgrounds, and there is no vendor to purchase inflatable amusement equipment, small electronic products in the square sales, cost can be low.

Second, the market environment survey

It is not a detailed investigation of the market to do a detailed investigation, including the age of the children's playground, the venue accommodation, consumer's consumption. Only in clarity of customers can determine the area of ​​the children's playground. Only by clarifying the customer's age level can make reference for choosing equipment, only consumers' ability to investigate the positioning and charging indicators of the children's playground.

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Third, do investment decisions

After the examination project and the completion of the market survey, there is a relatively clear positioning to see if it is suitable for the children's playground. If you want to do the entire project, you need to take into account how big, your own investment budget is to join or choose brand cooperation. Determine specific entrepreneurial programs and investment entrepreneurship programs.

The above is the necessary pre-process introduction of the children's playground, and Xiaobian will also sort out the process of building a children's playground in the back of the future, you can pay attention in detail.

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