What are the new non-standard rides for indoor and outdoor large playgrounds?

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What are the new non-standard rides for indoor and outdoor large playgrounds?

  inLarge playgroundinNon-standard ridesThere are wooden landscape amusement equipment, stainless steel combination slide amusement equipment, rope net climbing amusement equipment, etc.

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   For some entrepreneurs who are new to large playgrounds, they are for large playgrounds.Non-standard rideThe project and project materials and structure are not very well understood! The project determines playability and continuity, and the material and structure determine safety.

   Xiaobian is here, just some of the more popular in the large playground.Non-standard rideThe equipment and materials of the equipment are simply analyzed, and everyone is investing in a large playground.Non-standard rideWhen the device is, or is it rightNon-standard rideThe equipment can be handled more clearly when it is being maintained.

First, crawl

The rope net climbing frame is made of marine cable, and the core is chrome-plated steel wire, which is extremely durable. The rope net climbing frame has a very free choice in terms of shape, style and size, and it is more arbitrary in layout. It has become a popular outdoor playground equipment for children.

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Second, large indoor trampoline

In the choice of trampoline, you can choose either a spring trampoline or a rainbow rope trampoline. Whether it is a single trampoline or a super large trampoline, elastic cloth and springs can directly affect the children's trampoline experience and play safety. The elastic fabric of the trampoline conforming to the safety standard is made of PP elastic cloth imported from the United States. It has good elasticity and can effectively relieve the pressure of the knees and ankles and avoid the harm caused by bounce on children. The spring uses an electroplated spring for a longer life.

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Third, the slide

Slides can be said to be standard in indoor children's parks. According to the materials used, they can be divided into four types: stainless steel slides, glass steel slides, plastic slides and PVC leather slides.

Stainless steel slides mainly include roller slides, straight slides, spiral slides, plastic slides also have straight slides, roller slides and spiral slides, and many other shapes, while PVC leather slides mainly appear in water parks.

Among the slides of these three materials, the stainless steel slide is the most durable, and the sliding (international 304 stainless steel) is smoother, and the cost performance and the appearance are higher. There are shadows of such slides in kindergartens, parks, shopping malls, and amusement parks.

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Fourth, the landscape non-standard amusement

  landscapeNon-standard rideIt is a very popular amusement project in the market in recent years.Non-standard rideThe equipment is different from the standard mass production of standard rides, which can be personalized to meet different amusement needs.Non-standard rideEquipment refers to amusement equipment that is not manufactured in accordance with the uniform industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, but is a product or equipment designed and manufactured according to the needs of its own use. And the appearance or performance is not limited to the national equipment catalog.

A play device is a device that can provide play and play.

The amusement equipment is aimed at the naughty characteristics of children and young children.

And carefully designed new projects. Its novel concept, chic overall shape and scientific and technical content,

Climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, shaking and other multi-functional integrated rides. In order to meet the needs of large industrial students

Production needs,

Will have been produced,

Styling with mechanical equipment that demonstrates good performance,

And serialization,

Standard product

   Amusement equipment refers to equipment that can provide play and play, and the play equipment is designed with new features for children and naughty. Its novel concept, chic overall shape and scientific and technical content combine jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, shaking, balancing, casting and other multi-functional comprehensive rides.

   The progress of the times, people pursue high quality of life, leisure landscape is naturally the preferred travel, the amusement equipment is not limited to the realization of the function, more requirements must conform to the style of the attraction, so non-standard amusement is born.

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