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What are the new outdoor non-standard amusement equipment? How to play product advantages?

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What are the new outdoor non-standard amusement equipment? How to play product advantages?

Investment entrepreneurship is only the efforts of a beautiful life. This is not to be in the style of traditional lifestyle. Now the new outdoor non-standard entertainment equipment is concerned by investors, but there is little knowledge of the classification and choice of equipment during the investment process. People confused. In fact, the new device wants to get market interests, must be recognized by consumers. At present, there are different materials and types of slides in the market. Only by understanding its detailed features, it can make money better.

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Main contents of this article:

First, equipment classification

Second, product design

Third, play innovation

Device classification

According to the material and structural design of the equipment, it can be divided into many kinds and specifications. Investors choose new outdoor non-standard amusement equipment that suits them, and must analyze the advantages and characteristics of each product, combine the needs of their own places, choose more purposeful , Practicality is also higher. According to the material can be divided into FRP, wood, engineering plastics, etc., according to the structure can be divided into building, rock climbing, etc., can be divided into indoors and outdoor depending on the place of use.

New outdoor non-standard amusement equipment

2. Product Design

The design form of different products is the first impression that attracts consumers' attention, so investors are most concerned when choosing new outdoor non-standard players. First, the main consumers of the equipment are children, children's aesthetic and character preferences, usually have children's innovative and cute characteristics, and the design is cute and interesting, bright and gentle, and children are willing to experience. In addition, different functional designs can bring new game experiences to children, but also an important factor in attracting children.

New outdoor non-standard amusement equipment

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3. Game innovation

The new outdoor non-standard amusement equipment, through thousands of design and innovations, have received many consumers' recognition and welcome in the domestic market, and the children are not long on the concentration of entertainment facilities, so in the game mode can be innovated. Improve your vitality and charm of your entertainment project, in a limited space

In order to improve the service life of the equipment, the manufacturer will perform special treatment for the production process of the equipment, so that the color is longer, making the device more secure. However, outdoor use inevitably damage and aging. Regular inspections and maintenance depending on the situation is something that any business cannot be ignored.

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