What are the outdoor children's adventure amusement equipment?

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What are the outdoor children's adventure amusement equipment?

During the growth of children, the children love the sports game, only such children's small brain melons can be more active, and maximize the idea of ​​the child and the desire to explore. However, with the growth of children's age, there is no need to directly meet the interest points of the children you want, they are more passionate about large happy valley or Changlong and other amusement parks to seek stimulation. adventure. Then, as a senior children's play equipment manufacturer tells you what you are in any common outdoor children's adventure amusement equipment?

Pirate Ship:This is a classic amusement facility of the type of reciprocating motion. The pirate ship will slowly swing after starting, from the slowest to the fastest need for 3 minutes, and different psychological feelings in this three minutes. Each experience can enjoy different psychological irritation.

roller coaster:The design is slow to rapid changes in the design, and the fun of family parent-child entertainment is safe. Typically, a covered area of ​​a roller coaster's play equipment is relatively large, with at least 40 square meters of area, 24 sitting length can have more experience people to find stimulation.

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Large pendulum:The same operation as the pirate ship, but it is different from the pirate ship is a big swing amplitude in the air, and the high space that can lifting down is also huge, which is more suitable for young people who are more older. If it is for children The type of large pendulum project, it is recommended to discuss and select a small project.

Track small train:The track small train is not full of irritation like a roller coaster, which is a playful play project with sightseeing tour. It is also the best choice for parent-child play. Generally, the length of the rail train is about 25 meters, and it is a better tour project around the entire amusement park.

Large outdoor adventure children's play equipment is usually electric, and the children's senses experience and visual effects are stimulated by high and low changes and speeds, thereby achieving psychological satisfaction. Tips: Large outdoor adventure play equipment has a big demand for players' height and age, so it is also recommended that investors should look for their target customer groups when they do projects.

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