What are the outdoor children's physical training equipment?

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What are the outdoor children's physical training equipment?

With the high requirements of physical quality, parents have also taken a strong change in education, and children's physical training has also gradually attached great importance to school and parents, as a good helper for children's physical training and flexible capabilities. These children's physical fitness training players have been recognized by schools and parents. Let's take a look at what outdoors physical training equipment?

Children's climbing wall

Children's rock climbing wall as the name is a manual climbing equipment that is tailored to the child. This equipment is effective in preventing the dangers of outdoor rock climbing.

Above the high and difficulty differences over larger rock walls, the rock climbers of different colors and shapes are scattered, and the children can use the good hands and feet to complete the overall experience of rock climbing by the two. Among the processes, the children's hands, waist, and leg power have been well exercise, which is a fun and challenging physical exercise project.

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Outdoor network cage

The construction of the net cage can be either in the indoor, from the overall appearance, the entire web cage device is like a curved long dragon, and it is like a rope net in a rope network. This is to use a slide, rainbow network, drill hole and other different supporting combination play equipment.

When children are drilling through the net cages, they need to bend their waist, and they also need to pay attention to the body and the common coordination operation on the eyes, so that the head or other parts of the body collide.

Child climbs the shelf

The climbing shelf shows a variety of different types of styles such as rope net climbing frames, combined climbing frames. There is a little similar to the rock climbing wall in the overall effect of the play experience, but the climbing rack is converted to the hollow circle. Compared with the rock climbing wall, the difficulty of climbing shelves of the rope network is much lower. When children play with climbing shelves, not only to enhance the child's physical quality, but also strengthen the coordination of children's limbs and balance.

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These devices described above are actually used in use and outdoor, although there is a big difference in the form and experience of different places, but the common features between these children's equipment can exercise their children's body. Quality development.

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