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What are the outdoor children's play equipment?

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What are the outdoor children's play equipment?

Nowadays, more and more parents pay attention to the child's time, so they will choose to go to the amusement park or have parks. At this time, the outdoor children's play park has become the incense of the children, and all kinds of rides of the playing equipment make the children feel happy. There are a lot of people asking, how to determine the planning of the play equipment of the Outdoor Children's Amusement Park? What is the outdoor children's play equipment today? It's easier to choose a play device!

Observation vehicle

The viewing vehicle is a landmark equipment of the outdoor amusement park, usually there is a certain magnitude of amusement parks. The viewing vehicle has different design methods, common with ferris wheels, visit small trains, as an example of a ferris, consumers sit in the champion, slowly lift the turntable, can see the surrounding Beautiful scenery, this is a ride in the amusement park.

Turning chair + transfer horse + rocking horse + swing + slide + seesaw + children's play facility lt-zy013

Pirate Ship

What are the outdoor children's play equipment? Pirates Project is a more popular traditional project in the amusement park. It has existed from the pirates in the amusement park, and the pirate ship can bring up and down the bumps to the children. Sometimes it falls to the windy valley of the waves. Sometimes it's time to start, this is a favorite project that is excited and happy.

Turn horse

The transfer horse project is the traditional advantage project in the Outdoor Children's Amusement Park. The child rides on a realistic rushing horse. With the rapid rotation of the turntable, it is like a big grassland that flies in the gallop, it is also a kind of old All of the playful players. This device has strong process technology, stable performance, easy to operate, and structural design is reasonable for investors direct maintenance.

Rocking horse + swing + slide + seesaw + swivel chair + transfer horse + amusement equipment LT-YM056

Mini shuttle

Mini shuttle is a kind of children playing in the track, which is chic, and the style is different. The train is automatically turned along the direction of the track, and can shuttle in various tracks, plus colorful landscapes and sounds, let the children feel the feelings of crossing time.

The above is an essential play item that is an indispensable number of more traditional children's amusement parks.Outdoor children's play equipmentWhat? If you want to build a new type of outdoor playing park in 2020, there are more traditional players that are still not enough, and the children's world is more wide, and the exploration ability of new things is also stronger, only Through innovation equipment, it can make the amusement park to bloom.


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