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What are the outdoor large amusement park?

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What are the outdoor large amusement park?

What are the outdoor large amusement park?

Most outdoor large players will be placed in scenic spots, parks or playgrounds. This place is generally away from the city's high-rise buildings, away from the reinforced cement, and the family feels nature from the green grass green, so more and more parents Go to the amusement park. Entrepreneurs see business opportunities from it, and I want to buy this equipment to operate, what equipment is there?

This article contains the following:

1,Rotating Trojan

2,Self-controlled aircraft

3,Rotating flying chair

Children's Paradise + Non-standard travel + Outdoor Large Paradise

one,Rotating Trojan

It is one of the playground mobile games, that is, the spinning platform has a seat decorated into Trojans and moving up and down for tourists. Nowadays, there are many places, shopping malls and other places.

two,Self-controlled aircraft

It is a modern amusement facility that visitors can self-control, chase, shoot, and realistic air combat sound effects, so that visitors enjoy the thrill and excitement of flights in a safe environment.

three,Rotating flying chair

It is a novel flying tower rides, tourists sitting on a hanging seat, running with the turntable, as if to fly in the sky, it is still in the sea that is rolling up, and it is endless.

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