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What are the outdoor non-motivated play equipment worth investing?

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What are the outdoor non-motivated play equipment worth investing?

With the growing development of children's play industry, the output of children's play equipment has gradually become saturated, facing the number of uncomfortable players in the market, so many investors have made difficulties in the process of choosing equipment. Many second- and third tiers of amusement equipment are still old models, giving people a non-tuneful play environment. Obviously, traditional swing, seesaw, slide this equipment cannot accommodate the market development, and the fashion atmosphere is required. If you want to divide the cake in this field, you need to find a position. Next, the music map recommended several outdoor unmissive play equipment worth investing in, let's take a look.

This article contains the following

Outdoor integrated project

2. Outdoor climbing project

3. Non-standard custom combination park

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First, outdoor integrated project

The more successful outdoor integrated projects belongs to the city of the sky, its design points are in a variety of play features, a concentrated model of multi-person challenge, aimed at large parks, scenic spots, amusement parks to provide a home design amusement space . The overall space layout is flexible, and the match between each device is reasonable, and the public likes. At this stage, investors can choose to customize outdoor comprehensive projects, you can refer to the model of the sky, synthesize your satisfaction equipment, and believe that it will bring you a good effect.

Second, outdoor climbing items

Whether it is a children's park, large scenic spots, and community parks are natural, so it can be combined into this feature to build outdoor climbing projects. What are you worth investing in an outdoor unmissive play equipment? The climbing items include rope net climbing, climbing walls, and pile climbing this type of project, all outdoor facilities built in a comprehensive challenge. The climbing project gives people a challenge desire, constantly climbing forward to people more stronger. In operation, you can use this to promote and make an event competition attract consumers.

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Third, non-standard custom combination park

Non-standard customization This concept is very hot in recent years, as long as it mentioned that the two words of non-standard giving a mysterious feel. What are you worth investing in an outdoor unmissive play equipment? In the amusement industry, non-calibration outdoor combination parks have brought too many surprises, with whale-themed children's paradise, with elephants as the theme, the paradise with the theme of forest castles, make many parents with children. Experience the parent-child time. This is a fashion trend at this stage, if you can't find betterOutdoor play equipmentProject, you can customize a large combination of paradise to the music map, so that the public is bright.


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