What are the popular indoor shopping malls?

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What are the popular indoor shopping malls?

Now the economy is realized, and the rapid development of the amusement industry has also stepped forward. More investment entrepreneurs have entered the industry. Children's play equipment is the key nature of the entire industry. If you have no more experience, there is no more experience, you will ask: What kind of play equipment is good, what kind of play equipment is worth recommending? As a hot equipment in the indoor children's playground has been favored by everyone, the following music map children's playground will come to analyze.

This article contains the following

1 naughty castle

2 intelligent blush project

3 electric amusement facilities

First, naughty castle

Naughty Fort Children's Relie Facilities have always been a patriotic project that belongs to the indoor place. Although naughty castle is a traditional nature of amusement products, with the development of science and technology, naughty castle has also done a lot of innovation. For example, traditional slides are upgraded to the new projection slide, and other devices have been added; the marine ball has also been innovated, and a new interactive projection is created. Plus Naughty Fort has always been a popular project that belongs to the market, easy to operate, unsearous with the site, can freely match, is an ideal choice for investors.

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The biggest advantage of indoor children's Zhi Yong's relationship project is to have a lot of small projects in two aspects of wisdom and courage. For example, there are common rock climbing equipment, obstacles, maze adventures, podiums, wooden bridges, etc., these projects are able to freely combine, and the area belongs to custom products. Let the children personally experience the challenge project, and carry out unlimited excavations of the children's potential, and enjoy their ability to exercise their skills.

Third, electric amusement facilities

Children's playground must have less than those who are more innovative electric play equipment, such as hungry, motorcycles, dancing machines, shooting machines, etc. Single video playback equipment is not large, may be around a few square meters, although the cost is not high, but the profit is ideally, but also through the popularity of the park, increasing the increase in traffic increases.

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In addition, music map children's play equipment manufacturers also have magical bubble machines, rail racing, trampoline park and other popular mall children's play equipment. Only when you fully understand your needs, we can make your perfect equipment, production.

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