What are the precautions in the use of kindergarten slides? Be worthy of attention

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What are the precautions in the use of kindergarten slides? Be worthy of attention

Slides have always been a more important part of kindergarten, because this is a place to serve children, so there are some things that can make them interested. Therefore, the slide gradually became synonymous with kindergarten, and many merchants have made a lot of efforts around this equipment. The most important thing is the safety of safety, because this is a topic that people have always paying attention to. In addition to the protection of the equipment itself, there are still some logic to remember in the heart. After that, it can better avoid accidents. What are the precautions in the use of kindergarten slides?

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Kindergarten slideIs there any precautions in use? Be worthy of attention

First, look at the whole process

Because children have no risk awareness, they care about their feelings at the time when they play, so I ignore their self-protection in terms of safety. So this time you need someone to look at the juggle, this can be actively protected when the child may have safety problems, preventing security issues when they play, so there is a very necessary part of it. But some kindergarten feel that children can do their self-protection, but the result is still in violation.

Second, regular maintenance equipment

Because amusement equipment is generally placed outdoors, these devices will accept wind and rain, so it has exacerbated the degree of aging of the equipment. In order to keep the equipment to maintain normal operation, you need to check the device regularly, especially those connectivity, very prone to wear. In the process of regular inspection, if there are some problems in these, you need to fix or replace it in time to ensure the security of the device.

Third, encounter problems and timely maintenance

When the device appears abnormal conditions during use, it should be stopped immediately, and to find a dedicated maintenance person to check the device to see if the specific reason is caused, and the targeted exclusion or treatment is performed. It can continue to be put into normal use. Especially some problems involving professionalism, need professional maintenance personnel to solve, rather than blindly try, this problem can not be solved, and risk hazards still exist.

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What are the precautions in the use of kindergarten slides? Be worthy of attention

So you need to do these precautions to reduce the chances of accidents in the process of operating equipment.

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