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What are the slides? How to do safe and worry-free

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What are the slides? How to do safe and worry-free

Now everyone is unfamiliar with the slide. From previous iron slides have gradually developed into a variety of materials, including polymer materials, hard plastics, and new materials, etc., the cost is lower, and the safety factor has also become higher. However, many people don't understand the play of slides, especially for some new handsale moments, master some slides can let children be here, let's talk to you about this kind of knowledge.

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What are the slides? How to do safe and worry-free

1: Single uniformity

This kind of gameplay is common, and it is also a gameplay of many children. According to the principle of friction, master the speed of sliding, according to the length of the slide, the appropriate speed can be selected, suitable for the 3-5 year old baby, the child of this age is already With a certain control, you can also communicate with the teacher or parents, so you can accept it.

2: Fast decline

This method requires safety officers to separate the children play, because the speed is faster, soslideThere are too many children on the child, which may cause stepping on and hit the accident, the child's soft tissue, and the body have not developed mature, and gently impact may have a big impact. This is also a lot of parents taboo children. When you play slides, you need more safe protective measures at this time, so you can avoid it.

Three: Multi-person continued to decline

This kind of gameplay is dangerous, but it is also a lot of children like, because the children prefer to play with the small partners, the hand is holding the slide together, this game is more suitable for children aged 5-7, need to master a certain speed And must have safety protection, suitable for long distance slides, and the width of the slide is enough, and the generally large playground will have this slide, and ordinary kindergarten or school is not, but it is more expensive, but because High risk, so many people are reluctant to take risks.

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What are the slides? How to do safe and worry-free

There are many basic games for slides, and different gameplay is suitable for different age areas. For parents, they should always look at their children. If they find dangerous situations, they can remedy in time, and to choose a regular slide venue, if it is right Don't let your child try, if you happen, everyone is not willing to see.

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