What are the small amusement facilities?

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What are the small amusement facilities?

Under the development of the indoor children's paradise in recent years, the importance of small amusement facilities should be discovered. Not all places are relying on large-scale ferris wheels, pirate boats, bumper cars, etc. to obtain profits. For example, the projects in the indoor children's paradise are small-oriented. Amusement devices on the square are moving small charging or inflatable. The equipment is main. So since small-sized rides in the entire amusement industry is still widely existed in the market, what are the small amusement facilities?

Waterfall slide

The slide can be described as representative projects of children's childhood, and the waterfall slides are small, and most of them are in the park or in the indoor playground, the children who have been shuttle up and down are like a lovely. Elf, active.

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Software toy

Software toys are very effective for investors, which can be used as a toy for children, and can also achieve higher word-of-mouth image as a small gift from the purchase ticket. Software toys are easy to pack it, and don't have much feelings to deal with it.

Net rope crawling

What are the small amusement facilities? The net rope crawling is the best project for exercising children. This project is not that the area is much more high and the empty requirements, and the ropes intertwined together in different shapes construct different difficulties, children need to cooperate Or your own efforts can complete the final shackle.

Time rotating machine

Time rotation uses current form to run the entire machine, the time of rotating machine is about 2-4 years old, because it is not a more serious pressure, so this is also a small and well-behaved rides. It can be used in the entrance of major shopping malls, amusement squares and other places to play tickets through self-help form.

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Huzhuang Park

The Huiyuan Park is a building block for less than 10 square meters or smaller. The children can play their own imagination in the entire small area, fighting up all kinds of different shape patterns and castle parks.

Fishing pool

What are the small amusement facilities? Due to the convenience of finishing and lightweight, the fishing pool has become a must-have project in most squares and amusement parks. There is a day. This is the main reason is to use the children's pursuit of color and different modeling.


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