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What are the special things for stainless steel slides? Many advantages

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Those who have a knowledge of the slide know that with the development of various materials, the type of the slide is also changed, and the type is increasing, and the stainless steel slide is one of them, not only the texture is hard, it is not easy to erode. Strong security characteristics, how should stainless steel slides choose?

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What are the special things for stainless steel slides? Many advantages

First of all: The raw material is fundamentally, to choose environmentally friendly

Although it is the material of stainless steel, the difference is also very large, the strength of the stainless steel in different materials is different, the price is different, the softness is different, and the material of the slide is generally 304, which is the food level of everyone. Not only the material is hard, and very environmentally friendly, can reach zero-polluted texture, the surface does not produce a problem, and the frictional force slides up, it is easier to get a faster speed, and the slide from the side also improves the slide Playability.

Second: Choose a price-wide brand

Many manufacturers have launchedStainless steel slideAnd the material of the slide is not easy to be judged, some manufacturers use 202 stainless steel replacement 304, the appearance looks almost no difference, but the durability and the quality difference are very large, often this price is also cheaper. Many kindergarten operators will feel the same, because costs and functions are almost always proportional, don't bring dangerous for children to play for small cheap, that is terrible.

Third: Discrimination

One is to look at the level of stainless steel, if it is 304 stainless steel, then it will present a matte, the color is grayish, and the hand feels very smooth, the color of the color will be very good, no rough Feeling, there is a good stainless steel water stain easy to remove, almost no cleaners are restored before the appearance, and poor stainless steel will not only rust, but also touch very rough, it looks very gloss. Difference.

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What are the special things for stainless steel slides? Many advantages

In the process of choosing stainless steel slides, the merchant can make a detailed understanding of stainless steel, and choose a large brand of qualified points, this will be more secure, and the price should also be contrast, do not easily conclusions, Otherwise, the probability of regret is very large, the post-maintenance of stainless steel is very worn, there is almost no additional spending sales, and it is still very good.

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