What are the types of materials that make up a child park equipment? Roughly divided into 4

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What are the types of materials that make up a child park equipment? Roughly divided into 4

Now, as the hot extent of children's play equipment is gradually increased, the types of materials that make it materials are also gradually increased, and the types of equipment corresponding to different materials have great differences, then what kinds of their materials?

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compositionChildren's paradise equipmentWhat kinds of materials have the species? Roughly divided into 4

1: Metal material

The advantages of this material must be clear, that is, very durable, and can produce a variety of styles according to a specific design plan. In the process of assembled, it can take welding and threaded approach, the most common It is galvanized steel plate and stainless steel plate. But his shortcomings are also existing, that is, if the manufacturing process is not exquisite, then it is likely to have a burr and a hard angular corner, then it will harm the child in the process of playing.

2: Rubber material material

The advantage of this material is a wide range of facilities and components that can be made because they have a very strong plasticity, and the rich colors can be flexible. According to the size and type of children's play equipment, the disadvantage is that the recycling is relatively poor. And the wind blows sunflows for a long time, then it will cause fading, and cracks in rubber.

Three: Wooden Plate

The advantage of this material of children's entertainment equipment is that the material is more convenient, and it is green. The overall installation process is relatively long, and the disadvantages are more obvious, that is, the overall life is much shorter than other materials, and It is very suitable for indoor installation, and it is not very suitable for outdoor installation.

Four: Plastic material

At present, this material is one of the most widely used materials in my country's children's play equipment, as it is inexpensive, and excellent quality. In the process of playing, it is not easy to damage the child. And very plasticity. Most manufacturers have a variety of plastic children's play equipment.

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What are the types of materials that make up a child park equipment? Roughly divided into 4

For investment operators, a detailed understanding of children's play equipment is conducive to the prices and applications of different materials, which will be more objective in the process of choice, and will make the later operations more It is convenient.

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