What are you doing in the indoor play equipment for low-age children?

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What are you doing in the indoor play equipment for low-age children?

The children's play equipment industry has developed rapidly, and many investors with commercial vision have entered the industry. Children's Paradise Amusement Equipment is a venue or even a profit core of an industry, and it is also the key to long-term operations in a playground. Not long ago, there were investors asked. Now I am still suitable for low-age children now. What are you doing in the indoor children's play equipment? The following music map is tired!

This article contains the following

1 Zhi Yong Dago Project

2 trampoline maze park

3 parent-child children's interactive area

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First, Zhi Yong Dago Project

Chi Yong Children's Daqingguan project is mainly for children like diamond, climbing, jumping, rolling, climbing, etc. The heart is more and more. Zhi Yong's attractive project is formed by its irritating and powerful challenge, so that the children are more powerful, and each level of level is very different, the gameplay is also very rich.

Second, the trampoline maze park

The trampoline is also a very hot project in recent years. Through bounced trampolines, let children exercise while getting cheering happiness. The trampoline itself is a fun and interesting play product, whether it is the consumer of the age, can't ignore the magic brought by the trampoline. The trampoline maze parade is more challenging, let the children continue to challenge themselves in a safe space.

Third, parent-child children's interactive area

Many parents are looking forward to a children's paradise who can play with their children, today he is coming. That is, music maps have launched a series of parent-child play products, which guarantees that parents are fully integrated into children's world, so that parents have become a happy child. Generally, the parent-child game has a babard, the building block, the parent-child baking, the devil slide, etc., these projects are full of irritation, but also brought a good interaction experience.

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The above is the topic of the small series for everyone about the right to slow children's indoor play equipment. In the face of many children's play equipment projects in the current market, the music map is also warmly reminded everyone, and it is necessary to observe the innovation ability of a product, but also understand the development of the entire market.

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