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What challenges are there in the investment in the play equipment industry?

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What challenges are there in the investment in the play equipment industry?

Outdoor play equipment and can be said to be equipped with equipment facilities in outdoor venues, or it is also a park in the park in the park, the fitness children's slides in the community. Nowadays, the outdoor play equipment industry investment can be described as very hot, but in this industry, there is still such an imagination: If the funds are in place, you can make a stable to make no compensation. It is now nothing to do now in the current investment project. So, now what are the challenges playground equipment industry has invested it?

This article contains the following

1. professionalism challenge amusement equipment suppliers

2. Playground Equipment investor funding challenge

3. The device requires players to challenge

4. playground improper operational challenges

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one,Amusement equipment supplierThe challenge of professionalism

Outdoor play equipment suppliers is the foundation of investment, now some of the old-fashioned outdoor rides gradually disappear in people's field of vision range, are now common in new and innovative play equipment. Now play equipment primarily reflects the innovation from the look and features of games are played, especially under the premise of scientific development, scientific personalization technology allows the children to show the key contact.

Second, investment in human capital challenges Playground Equipment

Many people think of the form to stall the development of outdoor recreation industry, but due to the development of national policies, limit a lot of small investors entrepreneurial opportunities. Can be placed at random play equipment amusement territorial restrictions, but the rent on the park or plaza is gradually increased, this has led to a lot of investors, operators not to do business.

Third, the players on the equipment requirements challenge

Improve people's living standards will undoubtedly reinforced the sublimation for material comforts, there are a lot of kids playing endless toys, children ages increase their requirements for the equipment also increased, stimulation, novelty is the most important. With vibrato is like fire up the grass skiing, trampoline net red, are as follow suit, fun, interesting, stimulating it to successfully attract the player's attention.

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Fourth, playground improper operation of challenges

Venture are many young people dream of things, but the absence of some experience in supporting early eat a lot of losses, for example, do not know how propaganda, give money directly to the advertising company to do promotion, these improper publicity from not only to have any effect, but also increased the actual expenditure venues, resulting in operational crisis playground.

In fact, no matter what a challenge facing the industry are enormous, beginning not be impatient, can do is take care of yourself in the form of future development, re-development plan.

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