What challenges have been facing and opportunities?

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What challenges have been facing and opportunities?

Outdoor play equipment is an equipment facility established outside the architectural site. It is generally just that all open-air play equipment can be seen as outdoor play equipment, such as the equipment in the outdoor playground, outdoor in the park. Open-air equipment, the fitness equipment on the small area is outdoor facilities. It has always had such an imagination in the outdoor play equipment industry: as long as there is money, good venues, investment this project will definitely be a project that is not lost. But in 2020, can you really make a stable ear? What challenges are now facing now and opportunities?

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Amusement equipment manufacturerStrength challenge

Outdoor play equipment operator's fund challenge

Players are getting higher and higher for equipment requirements.

Interior Amusement + Climbing + Devil Slide + Children's Paradise (21)

The strength challenge of playing equipment manufacturers

In fact, it is the first to rush to provide new outdoor equipment. The innovation of the play equipment is actually reflected in the design of the product and the play of the game. Especially in the premise of scientific development, it is very important to make fun and interesting play equipment into the new equipment.

Outdoor play equipment operator's fund challenge

With the continuous construction of domestic cities, there are now many urban squares that are not able to allow some simple outdoor play equipment. The space that can be placed gradually moves to the park, scenic area, and interior of the mall. Now the park scenic spot and rent in the mall are also increasing, and it is also a place to compete for each other. Therefore, many businessmen who have operated amusement equipment will now make money.

Indoor play + rock climbing + devil slide + children's paradise + art rock climbing

Players are getting higher and higher for equipment requirements.

People's living standards have been improved, and they directly represent most children are amusement toys. As children have continuously increased, their requirements for amusement equipment have increased a lot, and the pursuit of novelty is the main. It is like this year's very hot net red slide, Net Hongqiao and other projects, because of the unique charm, it is attracted to players.

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