What do you need to know a water park?

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What do you need to know a water park?

The use of the water park is very extensive, so how do you do a water park? How to build a water park?

This article contains the following:

1. Water Park Investment Report Cycle

2, the service life of the water park equipment

3. Industry standards involved in the water park industry

4, the reasonable marketing promotion of the water park

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First, the water park investment return cycle

After years of experience, the return cycle of the water park is actually uncertain. Some projects can recover costs less than a year. Some projects invest 4 ~ 5 years recovery costs, and even suffer heavy, unsatisfactory selling equipment.

So the problem is coming, why do you have such a big difference?

In general, as long as the project is realized back, you will definitely consider adding new things before the park, not limited to water amusement equipment, land play equipment and VR equipment, then open the garden, and display local partners and Quartet tourists .

And the loss project, it has already had fund pressure, the problem has problems, and it will not consider increased. The second year will show the same appearance, the attraction will fall, and the year revenue continues to fall, leading to the length of profit time.

Second, the service life of the water park equipment?

Water park equipment lifespan of ten years, after the expiry of equipment, can use special equipment to detect cases of local institutions to assess the slippery slide, including: slippery slide smoothness, deformation, slip joints slides. steel joints and other circumstances, the assessment of eligibility may re-apply to continue to use, if unqualified, production and installation must find the time to assess the situation manufacturers targeted for rectification, the rectification according to the situation after prolonged 1--2 years, 2 years after the mandatory retirement.

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Third, the water park industry involved in industry standards

At present, my country's water park industry, there are two major industry standards: GB / T 18168-2008 \"water park General technical conditions\" and GB8408-2008 \"rides safety norms,\" ​​while national law is also clear that more than 2 meters water slides belong to special equipment, enterprises must have a \"special equipment manufacturing license \" and \"special equipment installation, alteration, repair permit \" in order for the water slides equipment for production, installation, alteration, repair.

So gold owners when pre-selected manufacturers must find a qualified mandatory requirements of the manufacturers, to avoid wasting precious time communication.

Reasonable marketing four water park

Waterpark reasonable marketing promotion points following aspects:

① market positioning and unique selling point must be determined.

This is when the investment plan to be considered good, if preliminary planning positioning work is not good, is quite late to remedy the problem, it is a good investment planning and planning is very important.

② brand communications work must be done water park.

Industry in the operation of the water park is very important to the service industry.

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