What exceeds of the stainless steel slide? Main two points

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What exceeds of the stainless steel slide? Main two points

The current stainless steel equipment in the slide market is now gradually replaced by the market performance of traditional equipment. On the one hand, traditional equipment still has some defects in terms of security, but the stainless steel equipment is well perfect, providing children with a safe and secure amusement environment. In addition, the current equipment has more expansion in the richness of play, so that traditional equipment is single to play gradually replaced. This is the process of capping the development of the new era, so that the equipment has made more breakthroughs in the new development process. As for two aspects of breakthrough, it is mainly below these.

Chami non-standard travel + stainless steel slide + Fujian Dragon Slide - (58)

Stainless steel slideWhat excellent breakthroughs are there in conventional equipment? Main two points

First, the equipment design is safer

Safety is the necessary premise of using this device, especially now, people are more and more attention to children's safety. So in their entertaining rides, more requirements and opinions will also be made. The current equipment is very good in this regard, single is a space that can have a drop in the device, and all set a drop guardrail. And this kind of fence will also have some flexibility and better protect the child. Because the child moves, it is more exciting, there is a big move, so the quality of the test guardrail is compared, but the current equipment is not too big in this regard.

Second, the play is rich and diverse

The traditional slide equipment is relatively single, which is generally a single slide service, and the child still needs to queue to play, and there is no other way to experience. But now the equipment has a lot of improvements in playing richness, not only slide, but also shooting and climbing or swing, etc., you can integrate on the device, so children can experience more fun here. It is also possible to exercise all aspects of the body during entertainment. For example, the willpower in climbing, and the balance of the slide exercise is now the equipment can now be active for children.

Chau non-standard travel + stainless steel slide + Shanxi Yuncheng Kindergarten Case - (38)

What exceeds of the stainless steel slide? Main two points

So such equipment will become the mainstream of the new era and continue to guide the entire industry. This is the equipment carrier that should have in this era, so that children can experience colorful entertainment games in safety, and they can have a perfect childhood. This is the breakthrough of stainless steel equipment than traditional equipment, which really makes children and parents are very satisfied, and it also allows it to appear in more occasions.

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