What is important in non-standard play equipment? Can follow the actual situation

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What is important in non-standard play equipment? Can follow the actual situation

In the popular point, non-standard amusement equipment is a big difference with the equipment of the batch production. It can perform personalized design according to different positional needs, with unique shape to meet different matching needs, and non-standard Type play equipment is generally different from the unified industry standards issued by the state, and the appearance and the main performance and national product catalog have a certain difference, mainly based on the needs of the site and the customer demand.

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Non-standard amusement equipmentWhat is important? Can follow the actual situation

Because of high creativity, you can meet different environmental needs, so non-standard play equipment has been very popular among everyone. Because of the high rental cities, if you choose a batch of play equipment, it will definitely require what the size of the site and the scale, although the overall cost is slightly higher, but from the perspective of the entire investment is still more appropriate. It is relatively high, and the repetition rate is very low, so it is also a thing for the manufacturer, so it should look at the final sales and R & D capability of the manufacturer when they choose.

There are also many applications. For example, parks, department stores, cultural panels, communities, real estate companies, clubs, etc. It can be just related to the shape of the department store, and you can make everyone enjoy the happiness of the play equipment, and it can also be integrated into promotions for investors. And the economic benefits it brings is very good.

The material applied is generally colorful engineering plastics can be applied to slides, ocean balls, and trampolines. They are both guaranteed to have safety irritating activities, and they are fully played. Cultivate children's thinking ability and spirit of hard work. The whole of the play will greatly improve the quality of the body, which has become a lot of children who have not been tired of and very popular amusement facilities.

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What is important in non-standard play equipment? Can follow the actual situation

For investors, the cost and size of non-standard players should be considered in the pre-selection process of the pre-venue and the manufacturer's choice. This will not only be convenient for later installation, but also have a big impact on the development of marketing programs.

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